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Since its foundation in September 2002, Buzz Brass quintet has given over 1,500 chamber-music performances and won over more than 300,000 spectators in North America, Europe and China. Listeners and journalists alike are constantly singing its praises, as attested by the numerous awards, including the 2014 OPUS Award for “Concert of the Year – Multiple Repertoire”, nominations and distinctions the quintet has earned both throughout Canada and abroad for its various concert programmes, shows and recordings. In the course of its productions, the group has built up a unique repertoire for itself while the exceptional originality and quality of its performances, and tremendously energetic and humorous stage productions elevates the ensemble to be among the best brass quintets in Canada. Since its appearance at the celebrated Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Buzz Brass has been shining forth overseas. The group represented Canada at the opening concert of the 15th edition of Meet in Beijing Arts Festival—China’s most important international arts festival—and is preparing new tours of China as well as the release of a new recording.

Long overdue with their return to Vernon, these five musicians who produce an orchestral-like sound despite their diminutive number will bring their program ‘Famous Inspirations’ to our Performing Arts stage. Buzz Brass brilliantly displays all of its musicianship with this striking repertoire from the turn of the 20th century. Inspired by folklore, literature, nature or their peers, the composers of these works have in turn been able to inspire and touch audiences through time. The quintet has you rediscover these famous inspirations—first written for piano, organ, strings or orchestra—in original transcriptions for brass. The program contains such varied works as Claude Debussy’s “Girl with the Flaxen Hair” to Aram Khachaturian’s “Sabre Dance”, Antonin Dvorak’s String Quartet #12 in F major, Fran Liszt’s “Hungarian Rhapsody #2” and many more! From the classics to the planets, Buzz Brass is a force of wind to be reckoned with and presents their music as “if it had been written for two trumpets, one horn and two trombones”. “Simply exceptional”. Catch the “buzz” at the Performing Arts Centre, April 26, 2020 at 7:30 PM.

What the press are saying…

“A first-class brass quintet, with a likeable flair for humour and for pleasing a crowd without uttering a word.”
Three Weeks Edinburgh newspaper, August 2015

“Amazing. The instruments go beyond complementing one another, they achieve the extension of one another to ensure the flow of the discourse.”
Montreal’s daily La Presse, November 2015

“Five very serious musicians and an MC with an art for clowning and communication. An absolute must for any music lover.”
Fringe Review, August 2015

“Style and intelligence. Impossible to resist.”
Le Journal de Montréal Daily, October 2015

“The music is skillful and so engagingly played as to be worth recommending to all ages.”
The List, August 2015

“These five musicians are fearless! The Montreal quintet tackles major works and its rendition gives the impression they have been written for its two trombones, two trumpets and horn.”

Montreal’s Voir cultural weekly the magnificent brass quintet Buzz presented an unforgettable evening of musical entertainment last night. Buzz made a real connection to our Sarnia Concert Association audience with their informative and hilarious introductions, and brilliant sensitive playing. The transcription of Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 was astonishing. The precisely synchronized double tonguing and rapidly moving scales gave the impression of a huge concert grand piano. In contrast to this, the quintet demonstrated a delicate string-like sound with their beautiful arrangement of Debussy’s The Girl with the Flaxen Hair. Gershwin’s An American in Paris demonstrated a wonderful orchestral sonority. These daring arrangements are the hallmark of a mature ensemble that has found its unique quality of expression. After the concert, which ended with a double standing ovation, Buzz indicated very strongly that they would love to come back to Sarnia soon. We will look forward to their return! They are an outstanding treasure!”

David J. Nichols, Associate Composer, Canadian Music Centre and President and Chair, Program Selection Committee, Sarnia Concert Association, March 2017, October 2015

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