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Shay Kuebler's Radical System Arts
Epilogos Snip

$35 Adult
$32 Senior 60+
$30 Youth 18 and under

Shay Kuebler (Glory, Karoshi) returns to the Vernon Performing Arts Centre stage with a brand new creation, Epilogos. Partly created in Vernon during his technical residency in May 2019, Epilogos is a dance theatre performance that explores the five canons of rhetoric, the “art of persuasion,” and the seven values of Bushido, the honour code of the samurai. Through the lens of these influences of control and persuasion, Epilogos reveals how beliefs alter perception of value and how, when pushed to the extreme, any value can become corrupt. This highly athletic group and its impassioned work is both accessible to all audiences and innovative in its choreography and performance.

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