The Birds and the Bees
Vernon & District Performing Arts Centre presents

The Birds and the Bees

By Mark Crawford
Birds And Bees 500 X 625

$45 Adult
$42 Senior
$40 Student
$30 First two rows (all ages)

Sarah, a turkey farmer, has split up with her husband and moved in with her mom, Gail, a beekeeper. Add in Earl, the flirty neighbour, and Ben, an eager young graduate student, and you have the perfect breeding ground for unlikely attractions. Set in adjoining bedrooms, The Birds & the Bees is a Canadian comedy about love, lust, beekeeping, and the artificial insemination of turkeys.

“What could be better therapy than an old-fashioned, knee-slapping, rip-roaring sex comedy?”
—The Vancouver Sun

Audience Advisory: Contains mature themes, strong language, sexual content, and nudity.

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