Vernon Proms’18 Classical Music Festival

The Oulde Almaine: Renaissance & Baroque music with Oregon Renaissance Trio

Laura Kuhlman, Gayle Neuman and Phil Neuman (USA)

 All Saints Anglican Church Sun, Jul 15, 2018 - 7:00pm

$27 Adult
$23 Senior
$23 Student
Kids 12 & under free

TICKET DISCOUNTS: (please call Ticketseller 250-549-7469 to get the discount): 25% off for all 7 ticketed concerts, 15% off for 5 or 6 concerts & 10% off for 3 or 4 concerts.

18 07 15 Orb

The internationally renowned Early Music specialists, multi-instrumentalists and instrument-makers, Laura Kuhlman and Gayle & Phil Neumans, bring alive music from 14th, 15th and 17th centuries. You will sample recorders, shawms, bagpipes, dulcians, bassanello, rackets, tartolds, sordunes, voice, and strings and percussion instruments!

Laura, Gayle, and Phil are members of The Oregon Renaissance Band whose recordings include "Now make we joye" and "Carnevale."

50 designated seats with soft cushions for each performance.
Buy your tickets ahead of time and secure the best seats in the house!
The best part: the price is the same as for the general seating!

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