Viva Mexico
Hope For The Nations

Viva Mexico

 Paddlewheel Park Fri, Sep 13, 2019 At 6:00pm
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$20 per person

Join us at Viva Mexico - a fiesta celebrating Mexican Independence Day through great music, dance, food, and company. Headliners Tatewari, a visionary international flamenco quartet, fuse Spanish, gypsy, jazz, rhumba, and Mexican music traditions for a fiery and memorable concert experience. Touring Western Canada to mark the release of their fourth CD, Tatewari brings a sparkling creativity to the stage, adding Mexican heat to their interpretations of traditional and contemporary flamenco music and masterful compositions inspired by life in the Bay of Bandaras. City Dance (Vernon) Latin dance masters will lead off the fiesta’s dancing, including a group mini-lesson for those who find the fiery music demands they get moving on the dance floor.

All fiestas require good food and drink, available tonight through the sale of handcrafted tacos from the amazing Shabbang Curbside Eats & Catering, Mexican deserts, and a cash bar. Bid on some truly surprising silent auction items and purchase hand made Mexican crafts and gifts. Proceeds go to Hope For The Nations, a local charity working with over 200,000 children in 21 countries.

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