Hungry For Laughs
ECL Productions Inc. presents

Hungry For Laughs

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$50.00 Early Bird
$60.00 Adult
$50.00 Senior
$50.00 Student
Includes Fees & Taxes

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary evening of entertainment as Alex Mackenzie's Hungry for Laughs Tour returns, now larger and more spectacular than ever before! This exclusive event showcases three of Canada's comedy giants, and a world-class magician, ensuring an unparalleled show that caters to every taste.

Prepare to be enthralled by uproarious laughter and jaw-dropping magic that will leave you with stitches in your sides from amusement and your mind thoroughly blown. This meticulously curated show promises a seamless blend of comedic brilliance and enchanting illusions, ensuring a memorable experience from the very beginning to the grand finale.

Yet, this event transcends mere entertainment. With every ticket purchased, you're contributing to a local charity, allowing you to revel in a night of merriment while making a positive impact on your community.

These exceptional performers have graced some of the grandest stages worldwide, including Netflix, Just for Laughs, MTV, HBO, Penn and Teller, America's Got Talent, and many more! The countless hours invested in perfecting these events culminate in a singular moment. As you find yourself immersed in laughter alongside hundreds of fellow community members, you'll experience a profound sense of love and belonging that lingers long after the show concludes. The memories forged with your loved ones during this extraordinary evening will resonate eternally.

Join us in fostering a sense of community through the potent trifecta of laughter, love, and generosity at Alex Mackenzie's Hungry for Laughs Comedy Tour. This is an event that promises to be an unmissable highlight, where shared joy becomes a powerful force for unity and lasting connections.

All Ages Welcome, Mature Subject Matter Recommend 18+.

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