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Chris Buck & Friends

Chris Buck & Friends

Nashville style Writers Round: Hear the Stories Behind the Songs!
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$39 Per Person
*includes all fees & tax

2nd Annual Chris Buck and friends

Chris Buck ( Local Lake Country Boy)
5 Top 40 Billboard Singles over 14 Million streams
Signed US "Nashville Publishing Deal" with Anthem Entertainment

Dave " dwave" Thompson ( Nashville TN)
Wrote #1 US hit "Champayne Night" by Lady A
Wrote songs also for Trisha Yearwood, Washboard Union, Aaron Pritchett and more

Dave Faber (Mission)
Front man for Juno nominated punk rock band "Faber Drive"
With numerous top 10 pop hits and songs written for artist "Powfu" and more

Jeff Johnson ( Vernon)
Songwriter/producer and written songs for Tyler Joe Miller, Chirs Buck Band, Madeline Merlo and more

Songs of the Southern Belles Country Christmas

Songs of the Southern Belles Country Christmas

with special guests Layer Cake Mountain
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$39 Adult
$35 Senior 60+
*includes all fees and tax

Join Songs of the Southern Belles with special guests Layer Cake Mountain for a Country Christmas on Sunday December 11th. Santa has renamed his reindeer to Dolly, Loretta, Patsy, Kitty, Alison, Carrie, Tammy, Connie and Brenda!! Kinga Heming and Shamma Sabir sing the songs of the great women of Country along with this fantastic band under the direction of Sean Bray. Don't miss this amazing show.

Bianca Berkland

Bianca Berkland

with Russell Jackson & Band
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$39 Per Person
*Including fees and charges

Bianca Berkland is an exceptionally gifted, modern Jazz/Blues singer and pianist, based out of Oliver, BC. With imaginative and honest lyrics and unique take on traditional jazz vocals, the music of Bianca Berkland is one of those rare finds we’re all seeking. With a nostalgic sound compared to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Amy Winehouse and Norah Jones. Her single Black Bird was a semi-finalist in the international song writing competition. With Russell Jackson on upright bass who is up for consideration of the Grammys and played with the one and only BB. King, as well as one of Kelowna’s most talented saxophone player; Afu Keteca. You will be immersed into the performance Bianca and the band gives. It will be a show you won’t want to miss!

Billy & Elton - The Legacy

Billy & Elton - The Legacy

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 Creekside Theatre Thu, Jan 19, 2023 At 7:00pm
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Throughout his career, Elton John has sold 100 million singles worldwide, making him one of the biggest selling music artists of all time. He has had 57 top 40 hits with 27 of these hitting the top ten and nine reaching number one.

BILLY JOEL is no slouch himself. Across the years of his solo career, Joel produced 33 self-penned Top 40 hits in the U.S., three of which ("It's Still Rock and Roll to Me", "Tell Her About It", and "We Didn't Start the Fire") reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Since his first show in 1978, Billy has performed more than 100 shows at Madison Square Garden.

Taking on the role of ELTON JOHN is singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Mick Dalla-Vee. From self-taught guitarist to an enviable career, the Randy Bachman Band (The Guess Who & BTO) this lead singer/frontman, bassist, guitarist and keyboard player has received platinum and gold awards for his work on albums as diverse as Motley Crüe, Trooper, and Bachman & Turner.

Artfully mastering the music of BILLY JOEL İs lifelong entertainment professional Michael Sicoly. He began with a passion for music before being bitten by the acting bug. Michael has recorded jingles for major high media profile clients and has appeared in leading TV series and major motion pictures.

Luca Fogale

Luca Fogale

23 02 09 Luca Fogale Poster

$35 Adult
*includes all fees and tax

Luca Fogale’s 2016 debut, Safety, introduced a songwriter with a fine-tuned ear for warm, wool-sweater melodies, richly rendered narratives, and intimate autumnal ambiance, like Jeff Buckley time warped into Bon Iver’s wood cabin. That album pegged Luca as an indie-folk phenom on the rise, with streaming stats well into the seven figures. But with his Juno Nominated 2020 follow-up, Nothing Is Lost, Luca graduated from the proverbial coffeehouse to the concert hall, recasting his private conversations as cinematic set pieces.


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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

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$35 Per Person (Including fees and charges)

Fitzgerald’s unique and innovative ideas coupled with his inherent warmth allow him to engage with people in a way that always leaves them meaningfully connected.

After over a decade of working with labels, creating songs with top-tier L.A. songwriters and producers including Jone Levine (Drake, Dua Lipa), Brian West (Maroon 5, K’naan), and Dennis Herring (Rah Rah Riot, Modest Mouse) on About You, and spending some time in the charts with “I Wanna Make it With You” (2016) and “One Love” (2016), Fitzgerald has finally found himself and a calm, rooted, unfeigned sound at home. A career of touring across Canada and around the world sharing the stage with artists like Bryan Adams, Ben Harper, Dan Mangan, Sam Roberts, Joel Plaskett, and Kings of Leon has brought Michael back to his hometown, Calgary Alberta, to create his newest record Love Valley.

If it was in a small club or larger theatre like the Vogue in Vancouver, the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary, or on the big stages at a festivals like Calgary Folk Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, Firefly Festival or Mountain Jam (to name a few) the spirit of honest connection with people has always existed in Fitzgerald’s performances.

Today, he knows the value of time spent living in the moment and continues to go forward fostering the experience of connecting one song, one room, one fan at a time.

Sloan: Steady Tour

Sloan: Steady Tour

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 Creekside Theatre Tue, Mar 7, 2023 At 7:00pm
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$45.00 (Including fees and charges)

Sloan is a Toronto-based rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia who first performed in spring of 1991. Comprised of bassist and vocalist Chris Murphy, guitarists/vocalists Jay Ferguson and Patrick Pentland, and drummer/vocalist Andrew Scott, the quartet possessed a rare chemistry from the start.

There are so many moments peppered throughout the 30-year history of Canadian indie rock heroes Sloan that set them well apart from the pack. From the band’s earliest home studio recordings that married their pop smarts with fizzy, fuzzed out guitars, right up to later efforts that contain multitudes in their track listings, ranging from Dylanesque streams of consciousness to short, sharp blasts of power pop - Somehow, it all remains quintessentially Sloan.

The band are credited as being a main instigator for the Canadian East Coast alternative scene of the early 90s, garnering comparisons to the Seattle Grunge movement on the opposite coast. Over the course of their quarter-century career, Sloan have amassed an outstanding collection of over 250 songs and more than 30 singles with airplay at Canadian Rock Radio. Sloan have received nine Juno Award nominations and won for Best Alternative Album in 1997. The band was named one of Canada’s top five bands of all-time in a CBC critics poll.

The Arrogant Worms

The Arrogant Worms

Worms Photo

$39 Adult
*includes all fees and tax

The year was 1991. Presumably, some significant world events occurred. The world truly changed in the fall however, when something truly magnificent happened in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. A beacon of hope was lit and has shone brightly ever since – The Arrogant Worms. The Arrogant Worms began as a comedy troupe performing songs and sketches on campus radio. The early feedback on the live shows was clear: lose the sketches. So the songs endured and they all remain because the band hates to throw anything out.

The songs were written to make fun of a big dumb world. Luckily, the world is still dumb and The Arrogant Worms (Mike McCormick, Chris Patterson and Trevor Strong) still have plenty to sing about. The shows are fast, furious and family friendly. The wit is quick, the satire is biting and the musicianship is second to none. Their appeal has earned them fans from kids to parents to grandparents to Princess Leia.

The Arrogant Worms have sold more than 160,000 copies of their 13 albums. Their most recent offering is SPACE, a collection of 16 new songs released in 2014 that bravely tackles the hard issues like Local Politicians, Yoga Pants and Uncomfortable Chairs. The band has played on three continents to crowds as large as 100,000 and were recognized in 2003 as the Touring Act of the Year by the Canadian Arts Presenters Association. The Worms have entertained at corporate functions, sung anthems at sporting events and emceed at major festivals. Their songs are in school lesson plans, in textbooks and even played on the Space Shuttle. On earth or in space, everyone digs these Worms.

The Arrogant Worms are as comfortable on the radio or on camera as they are on stage. Their energy and showmanship were captured on the DVD of their concert with the renowned Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The DVD also features appearances by Worm pals figure skating champion Kurt Browning, astronaut Chris Hadfield and actors Tom Cavanaugh (Ed, Love Monkey) and Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly).

In recent years the Worms have been pleased to donate their time and talent to the cause of literacy in Canada through Frontier College and were twice awarded the Peter Gzowski Award for their efforts.

So nearly a quarter century after they began, The Arrogant Worms continue to provide tuneful and silly escapism for everyone who needs it. And if you think you don’t need it, well you’re wrong. You do. The Arrogant Worms know what’s best for you and what’s best for you is The Arrogant Worms.

UBCO Beats

UBCO Beats

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$40 Adult
$30 Student
*includes all fees and tax

Composed entirely of students from the University of British Columbia Okanagan, the UBCO Beats are the premier a cappella group of Kelowna. Join the Beats for a night of music and comedy as they perform the biggest hits from the early 1980's to now. With a mix of artists from today's top charts, the evening will reimagine the last 40 years of music with only the human voice.

Janis Lives

Janis Lives

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$43 Per Person
* Including fees & charges

This show is gonna blow you away!!! Janis Lives, is the closest thing you will ever see to a live Janis Joplin concert! This artist is truly AMAZING!!! This woman is an unbelievably talented, gifted, and accurate artist
Janis Lives, is the definitive celebration of the Queen of rock and psychedelic blues herself, Janis Joplin!

Fronted by Sherrie "Voxxy" Johnson, a veteran vocalist in the Pacific Northwest, who looks and sounds very eerily like Janis. Sherrie offers up a phenomenal tribute that truly captures Janis Joplin’s larger than life stage presence and powerhouse vocal prowess! This jaw dropping, live music production, captures the energy and presence of a woman who helped define an era, and will take you back to a time long gone, but never forgotten.


"Sherrie “Voxxy” Johnson’s portrayal of Janis Joplin is so compelling that it will make a fan out of you, even if you’ve never experienced the magic of Janis Joplin before. She absolutely sounded, looked, and acted just how I’d picture a show with Janis. When Sherrie Johnson dons her outfit and takes the stage as Joplin, Janis truly does live!"

Five Alarm Funk
Creekside Theatre Presents

Five Alarm Funk

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$39 Per Person (Including all fees and taxes)

Five Alarm Funk is a horn-powered, percussion-fueled sonic and visual assault. Over 17 years of hard funking the band has burned up stages on four continents, released six studio albums and received two Juno Award nominations (Canadian Grammys). And this ride isn’t about to slow down.

Five Alarm Funk is set to release their 7th studio album, Big Smoke in 2020. The 11 tracks get right to the roots of what Five Alarm Funk is all about: epic, intense arrangements, heavy groove and a ton of fun. As drummer, vocalist, and band leader Tayo Branston puts it, “Big Smoke is the tightest, funkiest and most energized album we've ever created, it's the culmination of 17 years of creating, recording and performing together. We call it Punk Funk – it’s got the punch of heavy hitting dance music with the energy of a ruckus live concert.” The album features two collaborations, the first with the legendary Bootsy Collins delivering hook-laden, funktastic vocals over a heavy swung groove on We Play The Funk.

“I’ve been a Bootsy Collins fan ever since I was 15,” Branston marvels. “That track we made with him is one of the funkiest things we’ve ever cut.” Next, bari sax phenom Leo P of Too Many Zooz lays down his trademark squawks and melodic squeals for Wake the Funk Up, a supremely syncopated, chromatic laden jam. That collaboration emerged out of a jam session with Too Many Zooz in front of thousands at the Winnipeg Folk Fetsival and turned into a string of concerts with Leo P joining Five Alarm Funk on stage. For all the honing their studio craft, the Five Alarm Funk’s epic live show is still what defines the band. The sweat-drenched concerts are infused with an intense spirit of fun that breaks down barriers between band and audience and moves both into a manic dance party. Wild costumes, props, and choreography compliment the seriously tight arrangements and genre-mashing grooves.

As Vancouver’s Georgia Straight put it “I lost control and went on a dance rampage… You guys blew my mind and body.” That live show has taken Five Alarm Funk on dozens of North American coast to coast tours, performing at over 100 festivals in the last three years alone. The band has also begun to break ground abroad, with performances in Taiwan, Mexico, and a performance for international peacekeeping forces in Mali.



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$39 Per Person
(Including fees and charges)

Ali Hassan’s career plans started off as simply as anyone’s: become a chef, get a food show on television, get a second food show on television, be the face of the network and have oven mitts with his face on them. But sometimes things get in the way of your dreams: like your parents’ disappointment, your family of four children and your successful comedy career.

This show is a hilarious exposition of Ali’s journey in and out of the culinary world in which he spent 12 years. Think Eat, Pray, Love....minus the Prayer.


Ali Hassan is a Stand-up Comic and Actor who has performed for audiences across Canada and internationally.

Ali is the host of the CBC Radio stand-up comedy show Laugh Out Loud. Ali is also heard on CBC Radio, NPR and PRX as a frequent guest-host of As It Happens, the arts and culture show ‘q’, and for the past six consecutive years, he has hosted Canada Reads - the annual battle of the books celebrating the best of Canadian literature.

Ali has appeared on the big screen in award-winning films – Breakaway, French Immersion, and as the memorable Lebanese ‘Uncle Stevie’ opposite Sean William Scott, Jay Baruchel, and Eugene Levy in the hockey hit Goon. In 2020, Ali was in the films MySpy, Mafia Inc, and Tammy's Always Dying which had its World Premiere at TIFF 2019. His recent television roles have included Blood & Treasure (CBS), Designated Survivor (ABC), Cardinal (CTV), Odd Squad (PBS Kids), Man Seeking Woman (FXX), Murdoch Mysteries (CBC) and Working Moms (CBC, Netflix). Television audiences can also see Ali as a recurring guest star on the new CBC sitcom, Run the Burbs.

Ali has performed at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and Toronto's JFL42. Ali also toured across Canada as one of the stars of Just For Laughs Comedy Night In Canada tour, hosted By Rick Mercer.

A Canadian Comedy Award nominee, Ali has toured his solo show Muslim Interrupted around Canada to great acclaim. He also took the show to Scotland to perform at the world's largest comedy festival, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In 2022, Ali begins touring his latest one man show, based on his decade in the food industry, Does This Taste Funny? In 2022, make sure to check out his book, ‘Is There Bacon in Heaven?’ that comes out with Simon & Schuster.




presented by Kelvern Celtic Society
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$39 Per Person
*Includes Fees & Taxes

Gaelic Supergroup and un-challenged champions of straight-in-the-eye Highland music are based around West Lochaber and the Isle of Skye. Formed around the turn of the century and taking the name from the Gaelic word for "kinship" Daimh (pronounced Dive) have taken their contemporary take of Highland and Gaelic music to over 20 countries, setting audiences alight from Moscow to San Francisco.

With a reputation as giants of the Bagpipes and Fiddle, Angus MacKenzie and Gabe McVarish remain the lead instrumental force with fellow founding member Ross Martin underpinning the groove on the Guitar.

The Band are joined by "new guy" Murdo "Yogi" Cameron on Mandola and Accordion to complete the instrumental line up.

Daimh have always had the renown and notoriety of working with some of the finest Gaelic singers in Scotland and the current line up only serves to cement that distinction with the addition of the rapidly rising star in the Gaelic firmament, Ellen Macdonald on vocals. Dàimh have carved a reputation from the bedrock of Gaelic culture... authentic Gaelic music with a modern edge and a magnificent range of expression. This could be one of the best Scottish releases of 2014. FOLKWORLD

Louisiana Hayride Show

Louisiana Hayride Show

Always something new!
23 04 05 Louisiana Hayride Poster 500

$55 Per Person
*Includes all fees and tax

Always something new!

Take a trip down memory lane with this unique and incredibly entertaining musical spectacular. The Louisiana Hayride Show, complete with studio stage set, amazing tribute artists and live band will bring you back in time to when songs were meaningful, the words were understood and the sound was pleasant.

Since its first production in March 2010, the Louisiana Hayride Show has been bringing world class entertainment to audiences across western Canada. This show is definitely based on great music but there’s so much more! You’ll laugh at the antics of the artists and you’ll love the interesting bits of information about the legends and their songs.

For those who have seen this production before, the Louisiana Hayride Show is always adding new and fun material to keep you surprised and totally entertained from start to finish.

Legendary stars will come to life before your eyes! You’ll think you’re at their concert when you see Elvis, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Lefty Frizzell, Loretta Lynne, Conway Twitty, Crystal Gayle, Roy Orbison and Shania Twain step on stage to sing their big hits.

You’ll hear classics you can sing along with such as Hound Dog, Love Me Tender, Crazy, If You’ve Got the Money, Pretty Woman, Coalminer’s Daughter, Louisiana Woman/Mississippi Man, Hello Darlin, Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, That’ll Be the Day, Peggy Sue, Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under, Honey I’m Home and more!

That in itself is already more than most other shows offer and at the Louisiana Hayride Show you get an added bonus!

In addition to the amazing tribute artists you’ll also enjoy music by the ‘greats’ such as Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buck Owens and Marty Robbins.


Showgoers across western Canada who have been attending the Louisiana Hayride since it’s start in 2010 say this is the Best Show Yet! If you choose just one tribute show to attend, this should be the one.

Tell your friends and family and get your tickets now before the show sells out! You will be completely entertained from start to finish, that’s a guarantee!